Pancro Today


As Pancro's C.E.O. since 1995, Tom directs all aspects of the company's production applying thirty-five years of his optical technology and expertise to the field of cinema. Expert in both business management and production since 1973, Tom is an innovative optical designer of camera filters and a highly skilled optical engineer. He specializes in original custom optical filter designs for both scientific and motion picture cameras. His engineering accomplishments include the Custom CenterSpot, the Custom Mitchell Diffusion Filter Slider, the Razor Sharp ND, the Arch Grad, and Mist Filter. He most recently designed and implemented the company's new product line of Custom IR+NDs for the Red Camera user.

Tom is married to Barbara celebrating thirty-seven years. They have two sons, Tim and Brian, and two wonderful daughter-in-laws, Vicki and Erin. They are blessed with five grandchildren, Alyssa, Jenna, Olivia, Kate, and Jack. Tom and Barbara live in Grass Valley, California where they relocated the business in 2006.
Brian joined the company in 1995 as Cleaner Technician and Sales Rep for Nor Cal while in college. He has served on the board for thirteen years and is currently the company's Optical Apprentice and General Manager-In-Training.

Strong in human resources, Brian is a skilled negotiator. As Sales Rep he has focused on contracts for prospective customers and dealers in Nor Cal. He is currently overseeing the planning and implementing of future trade shows with Cine Gear and the National Association of Broadcasters.

Brian is married to Erin and they have three children, Olivia, Kate, and Jack. They live in Sacramento. He is also a skilled musician and songwriter and actively involved in worship arts as Minister of Modern Worship at Fremont Presbyterian Church. His vision for the company is to incorporate the visual arts into its promotional material. He recently redesigned the company's website which he also maintains.

Tim has served on the board as Executive Vice President of Promotions since 1996. He currently works for Sav Mart as Project Analyst, but remains on-call to help Tom and Brian steer the future coarse for Pancro. He is a valued officer of the corporation who assisted in the company's transition from Los Angeles to Grass Valley in 2006. He helped design and implement the company's website and was a sale rep in 1999 for Central California where he lives with his wife, Vicki, and daughters, Alyssa and Jenna.

Barbara joined her husband, Tom, at Pancro in 1994 while completing her B.A. in Education at C.S.U.N. She currently manages the company's financial accounts. Her duties include accounting, budgeting, cash flow management and payroll. Her achievements have been establishing the company's current accounting with QuickBooksPro. She has assured a higher level of fiscal integrity since her coming on board. She orchestrated the company's recent project to relocate its main facility from So Cal to Nor Cal.